Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Timberwolf

Timberwolves by nature are social animals. How can we be more like the timberwolf in the ways we carve out our learning communities? How do we learn from each other? People my age... well, we won't go there, let's just say, we're not digital natives. We belong to the digital immigrant cohort. And as members of this widespread group, we possess an inherent trait that we need to overcome if we are to learn the new ways of learning in community. We need to be brave, uninhibited and adopt more of a risk-taking demeanor as we put ourselves out there with our opinions via posts and comments to posts.

Many of us, myself included are reluctant to post opinions for the world wide web to hear. We worry about judgments, criticisms, put downs and in general lack the confidence to share our opinions in so public an arena. However,if we are to maximize the power of blogs and other social networking media, and begin to take advantage of these offers to learn in community, we will need to move past this wall, and throw this cloak of inhibition to the wind.

So colleagues, friends, countrymen...post away, comments graciously accepted.

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